INFLUNSR is developmentally designed as a unique interactive experience intended to fuel the next generation of leaders worth following.
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Who We Are
A collective of passionate leaders, thinkers, artists, and theologians who believe in the next generation and the power of influence.
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The Code of Influence
Tranformative Stories

"Narrative is the most powerful transformational tool there is, the hidden human language of the heart."
Donald Miller

Each month's Episode features the INFLUNSR Version, relevant coded stories and imagery designed to inspire students to interact and actualize integrity, grit, humility, excellence and courage, the bedrock code of influence.

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Each month's Episode is accompanied by an INFLUNSR Interactive. Each month's Interactive includes experiential suggestions with links, questions, etc. Students can apply at their pace during the course of the month. The INFLUNSR Interactive recommends culture-current movies, books, songs, articles and much more that will enhance the discovery process!

Why Influnsr?

Click the arrow to watch an insightful and inspiring conversation regarding the motivation behind INFLUNSR between multi-talented hip-hop artist Sojo and acclaimed communicator Stuart Hall, two members of the INFLUNSR Collective.

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How It Works

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Think potential, not position. Goal of 1 mentor to 5 INFLUNSRs. Click here for free IDENTIFYING INFLUNSRS and MENTORS PDF.

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Click here for for a free Subscription Guide PDF. Click here for your 1-year subscription to INFLUNSR and use the hashtag #AnxiousToMatter.

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Students, youth leaders, parents and mentors start receiving INFLUNSR links via text and email.

See what leaders are saying about us

Testimonials 01

“Among many things, what I love most about the INFLUNSR initiative is the meticulous thought behind equipping high school students with tools to build their own capacity for influence. INFLUNSR isn’t outcome-driven. INFLUNSR is laser-focused on developing the heart of a leader: of an influencer. Orange is proud to partner with such a revolutionary and innovative resource!"

Reggie Joiner
Founder and CEO, Orange
Testimonials 02

“The number one question I get from youth workers all over the country has to do with student leaders. Everyone wants to do something for them and no one has time to do it well. INFLUNSR is the answer to that tension. The INFLUNSR collective has done an incredible job of strategically aligning timeless truths of leadership and relevant and influential voices into a culture-current “wrapper” in order to give the youth worker an affordable and sustainable program to prepare young leaders to be leaders worth following in our increasingly complicated world."

Tom Shefchunas
Director of Student Strategies, Orange
Testimonials 06

“Because we are in the information age students today are more socially aware and active than ever before. With the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen students have the ability to influence their world in a matter of seconds. INFLUNSR is the perfect resource to help students maximize their influence and leverage it for the benefit of those around them. The world needs a new generation of influencers, so we need INFLUNSR.”

Gerald Fadayomi
Inside Out Director, Browns Bridge Church
Author of Before You Go: Following Jesus & Growing in Your Faith after High School
Testimonials 04

INFLUNSR is uniquely designed to fuel students in a post-modern, post-Christian culture to discover their gifts, their passion and how those mesh with their purpose now and in their future. The next generation and their leaders need this resource.”

Clay Scroggins
Lead Pastor, North Point Community Church
Author of How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge
Ashley bohinc

“If we don’t enable this next generation of leaders to understand how to think — not what to think — we will hand off our world and the Church to a generation of leaders not equipped to make it better. That’s what INFLUNSR is all about.”

Ashley Bohinc
Director of Middle School Strategies, Orange
Testimonials 10

“What I love the most about this amazing resource is that it equips high school students with tools to build their own capacity for influence - it meets every student right where they are. This is an initiative that teaches the student to use what God has given them to fit what the world needs, not what the Church needs. INFLUNSR isn’t suggesting that students change in order to be a leader, they’re urging them to be a leader in order to bring about change!”

Lenny Barber
Next Generation & Student Pastor, Grace Church St. Louis
Testimonials 09

“A real world, real time platform that enables high school students to learn how to think and lead in a rapidly changing culture. INFLUNSR is the resource we’ve all been looking for.”

Greg Bradford
Senior Director of High School Ministries, Lakepointe Church
Testimonials 05

“As an artist and music industry executive, I know first-hand the unquestioned hackneyed idea regarding what it means to be spiritual influential. INFLUNSR doesn’t just help students get out of that box: it destroys the box and helps teenagers begin to connect the dots regarding their gifting, their passion and how that meshes with their purpose in life. Let the demolition begin!”

Ace Harris
Director of A&R, Reach Records
Testimonials 03

INFLUNSR is the first strategy of its kind that effectively connects high school students with the code of influence in real-world, real-time. INFLUNSR isn’t about teaching students what to think; INFLUNSR helps students learn how to think. ”

Reed Dickens
Former White House Assistant Press Secretary
Co-Founder of Marucci Sports
Chairman of LA Golf Partners
Jodi sones

“Our students live in a difficult and dark world.  The real world.  If our student ministry doesn't equip them to live like Jesus and lead like Jesus in that world, in the real world, then what are we doing?  INFLUNSR is incredible because it is intentionally designed for high school students to have a specific space to discover, experience, and grow to be the leader God has created them to be now.”

Jodi Sones
Middle School Director
Metro Community Church, Edwardsville, Illinois
Testimonials 07

"INFLUNSR is a comprehensive adjustment to growing God’s kingdom in a real and real-world way. Proverbs 22:6 has meaning for those of us that are older, but engaging today’s teenager requires a new and viable strategy. God has fueled the INFLUNSR team to author and outline that strategy. If you have ever wondered how you could do more... be more... serve more for God’s kingdom, allow yourself to be influenced by this latest manifesto that will help you fuel the next generation to be who God has called all of us to be - influential for the only One who matters. I’m happy to join INFLUNSR on this journey and can’t wait to see how far God takes it.”

Ray Farmer
Former General Manager, Cleveland Browns
NFL Veteran, Philadelphia Eagles
The Power of Influence
Influnsr Interview

Plying the power of example, each episode features an inspiring interview with a “destroy the box” leader who is making a difference in today’s culture

Interview 1
Ray Farmer
Player Personnel Consultant, Los Angeles Rams
Former General Manager, Cleveland Browns
NFL Veteran, Philadelphia Eagles
OCTOBER | 2018
Interview 2
Chris Cauley
NBC's The Voice
Tyler Perry's "Laugh to Keep From Crying" Tour
Michael Jackson Tribute Show "Man in the Mirror" Tour

Experience what everyone is talking about

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The heart of Influence

Check out the INFLUNSR Manifesto, the why behind our initiative to fuel the next generation of leaders worth following.

Download the INFLUNSR Manifesto



Choosing to be defined by what is true.



Choosing first to go last.



Choosing passion over distraction.



Choosing to create a better future by going the second mile.



Choosing love over fear.

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